Well, now I’m further along with the Snowshoe 12 canoe than I got with the Classic 12 sailboat I tried building in Tempe. Unfortunately, the living room is once again a studio, though hopefully temporarily this time.  Now that it is always in my way I am more motivated to get it done!

Canoe fame on box beam
Good thing I rarely watch television. I’m not convinced by the whole using a wire as a centerline on a beam to get everything level, but giving it a shot. The next phase of assembly seems straight forward but I got the extra strong extra long cure time T-88 epoxy, so going slower than expected. I did set up the keel and gunwales today, though.

canoe frame with keel and gunwales
I also cut the wood for the ash ribs and pine steam-box so now I’m a bit ahead of myself. I used PL Premium construction adhesive on the steam box, which brought me right back to teaching 3D Design at ASU. The last time I used PL was teaching my students how to make simple plywood boats.

Nice to see some of the actual boat parts come together; makes it feel more real.