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Some Rings

Been trying to do a little metal work over the summer in my living room studio.  Don’t have things like soldering torches, pickle pots, or flex shafts yet,…

R’eyh and others

Well, it’s been busy over here, though it may not look that way from my blog!  Michael Bernstein and I have been plugging steadily away at our Burning…

Every Time I End You

Hey Folks, if you have a chance please check out my latest work “Every Time I End You”. Over the next nine days I will be depositing gold…

The Still on Friday!

Come out this Friday to Emerge 2014 6-11pm on the corner of Garfield and 3rd downtown Phoenix to see “The Still” a piece co-designed by myself and Matthew Bender…

Pro | Con App

Need help making a decision? Try pro|con, it’s a free web app I made for creating pro/con lists.

you have everything you need gift cards now available on etsy

you have everything you need gift cards question the nature of holiday shopping and gift giving. The cards call into light the Buddhist philosophy that everything an individual…

Redacted #2

The second in a new series of works is done:  Redacted #2 (You Are Here, Thich Nhat Hanh).  Available now on Amazon Marketplace, description:  The original text, chapters 1-7,…

Redacted #3

The third in a new series of works is done:  Redacted #3 (On Television, Pierre Bourdieu).  Available now on Amazon Marketplace, description:  The original text, On Television and The…

Redacted #1

The first in a new series of works is done:  Redacted #1 (Theory of the Avant-Garde, Peter Burger).  Available now on Amazon Marketplace, description: The original printing, chapters…

Live @ Trunk Space

Life fulfilling prophecy. True noise. True dance. I’ll be playing projector for tsone Wednesday night 7:30pm at the Trunk Space, featuring prints by Caroline Battle. Details on Facebook….

Varada Bhumisparsha Abhaya Dhyana

Work in progress… Max/MSP, c74, Mudras.

Separation Visuals

Here’s some video from our performance at the Athens Slingshot Festival.This clip includes some details on how the visual design works.  

A Tool for Self Objectification

A Tool for Self Objectification presents a reflection of the world in which the viewer’s irises are replaced by cartoon like eyeballs that refuse to make eye contact….


Our piece Separation: Short Range Repulsion is going to be at the Athens Slightshot festival on 9 March 2013.  Details here, and on Facebook here.  


Just found this from last semester while dusting off the drive. An Interesting, but not quite feasible, collaborative project I did the visuals for on analyzing networking events….