In the interest of band wagons and the future of my work I’ve added a sustainability statement to my ABOUT section, and copied it bellow:

  • Performance
    My public performances deal directly with sustainability and social responsability by illustrating how an individual’s actions can directly affect the surronding community.
  • Materials
    The majority of my materials are scavanged, reused, or directly recycled. My electronic projects all use ROHS compliant parts where available, and if a physical computing work does not sell after a year or two it is stripped down and returned to my parts bin for use in new projects. As producers of 3D objects, artists have a responsibility to their communties that their work be meaningful and necessary, and not simply more pretty clutter and junk.
  • Energy
    Currently, 50% of my office and living space energy comes from wind and geothermal power. Many electricity companies now offer a green plan option – check with your utility provider about switching a percentage of your electricy over to renewable sources.